Faust Company has a long and rich history installing plumbing in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Family owned and operated since 1898, we are proud to say that we are the oldest union contractor in Milwaukee.

The times have certainly changed since those humble beginnings in 1898. Estimating, job costing, and accounting once took hours to do manually and is now completed in the blink of an eye with computers. Heavy cast iron pipe with poured lead joints has been replaced with lightweight plastic. The grueling work of digging sewer trenches with a pick and shovel is now the simple work of machines. A fair day's pay in the early 1900's is equal to 30 seconds of pay today. There are exotic piping materials available today to handle chemicals that did not even exist 100 years ago.

While the scope of work has grown beyond plumbing to include heating, air conditioning, sewer and water main construction, and process piping, our commitment to quality work, excellent service, and exceptional value remains a top priority.

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