William Faust was born in Pitson, PA on March 23, 1870. When he was laid off from his machinist job in the mining industry, he called on a boyhood friend William Watson who was then superintendent at the Allis Co. (which later became Allis-Chalmers).

While working at The Allis Co. he was offered a job by a gentleman who was building houses near their home on 49th Avenue. He accepted the offer and began installing plumbing in the homes for the fixed price of $50.00 each. He would work at night, after his regular job at the Allis Co. When hard times fell upon the Allis Co., he was laid off.

This was the start of his plumbing business. His wife eventually convinced him to buy a Model T from a neighbor so he could cover more ground. The business grew, and eventually needed more space, so he bought some land 'way out west' at 63rd Street and Bluemound Road.

1907 – Filed for partnership status
1912 – Wm. Faust became sole owner
1923 – Purchased land at 401 n. 63rd Street in Milwaukee
1924 – Eustace Faust (Gen. 2) joined company
1926 – Incorporated
1926 – Hubert Faust (Gen. 2) commenced employment