After the Great Depression, business quickly picked up as the economy bounced back, along with the advent of World War II. Faust Company stayed busy during the 1940’s with several large WWII related projects, mainly building supercharger and ammunition plants in Greenfield and Chicago, but also including involvement in the Manhattan Engineer District program.

In 1959 Faust Company unionized, and it wasn't long after the company greatly expanded its skilled work force.

Evinrude and GE Medical conducted much business with Faust Company during post WWII times. It was into the 60's when business really boomed, as companies like Briggs & Stratton, Masterlock, and Harley Davidson expanded and grew as fast as anyone could keep up.

1932 – Eustace Faust promoted to president
1933 – Original building burned, causing damages of $700.
1939 – Building reconstructed
1952 – Eustace Faust Jr. (Gen. 3) commenced employment
1954 – Eustace Faust Sr. named first Vice President of
the Wisconsin Master Plumbers Association
1958 – David Faust (Gen. 3) commenced employment
1959 – Changed name to “Faust Co. Inc.”
1959 – Converted to a Union shop (Plumbers Local 75)
1962 – Charles “Chuck” Faust (Gen. 3) commenced employment